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Thursday, July 10, 2008


My oldest feels left out not getting to be featured in any of my kid blogs. She's had her moments though. No denying it. When she was just a little squirt, she was acting up at the dinner table. We had her go to her room and wait there until we were finished eating. That was her grand punishment; staying in her room.

Dad and I sat eating our dinner in relative quiet until we heard some yelling. It sounded like it was outside, but maybe not. Maybe it was from our dear daughter's room. I left the table and walked up the stairs of our tri-level home, opened the last door on the left - hers - and saw her tiny two-year-old body standing in the open windowsill hollering to the top of her lungs, "Save me. Someone, save me!" Wonder what the neighbor's thought we were doing to her...

About this same time, she was being potty trained. It didn't take her long to get the basics figured out, but almost daily she'd soil her panties. I'd mutter under my breath every time, "Dang It All..." I hated cleaning up poop! One day I had a change of attitude. Maybe I had been to a mother's workshop. I don't know. But, I decided that I wouldn't mutter anything under my breath. I would be polite and understanding. When the inevitable poopy pants arrived, I replied in a honey-sweet voice, "That's okay, Dear." "No it's not!" She replied, "It's Dang It, Mommy, Dang It!" So glad that's as much as we curse in our family!

I've been a fine example for her to follow, so it's just expected that she turn out great with the few above exceptions. Well, there was the time when she begged for me to leave baby Stephen in her room while I ran downstairs to grab some item. When I came back up, she was sitting pretty as a picture on some pillows on her bed. Baby Stephen was no where to be found! I asked her where he was and this lovely 2-year-old pointed proudly underneath her pillows. She was sitting on him! (Maybe she knew something we didn't.)

I guess we all have our moments. Like when she took the car each weekend the spring of her senior year telling us she was working Saturdays and Sundays at Costco handing out samples. I stopped by one Saturday in May and she wasn't there. I combed the store asking each sample lady if they knew where she was. Turns out that she had never had a job at Costco. It was all a charade. She called that afternoon to tell me she was on her break, though. ha ha Definitely wearing someone else's genes on that occasion.

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